Would you like to be recognized & admired as a stylish, on trend public figure? Is your image holding you back? It takes less than a second to make a lasting first impression. Monarch Inc. can help ensure it’s an impressive one by offering a complete professional image coaching & styling service tailored to suit your unique requirements on any given day.

Your image is more than a reflection in the mirror or the lens; it represents who you truly are, and should express your most vibrant self.  Our entire program is customized to help you discover and live your personal style – which will become part of your brand. A style that is polished and reflects a healthy, confident sense of self. An individual style should encompass personality, lifestyle, performance, goals and physical characteristics. Style can be anything. It can be sophisticated, traditional, dramatic, romantic, alternative or sporty.

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  • We are top level luxury image coaching and branding specialists.
  • We provide a niche service to high-end clients.
  • We offer our members the professionalism and convenience of our services, and provide them with the optimal branded image, tailored to their individual needs.
  • We give back the time that would be spent maintaining their own image, by providing them with professionals in the industry whom they can trust. We are elite image coaching and branding specialists.


  • Hairdressers
  • Makeup Artists
  • Wardrobe Stylists
  • Fashion Designers
  • Production Manager
  • Art Director
  • Photographers


Our Promise

“We create the perfect image for each of our exclusive members, and are on call to style at short notice, at any location within the greater Cape Town metro-pole. Our program is engineered to save you time, money and eliminate stress so that you can focus on delivering your best performance.”


We also offer Corporate Event Services:

Your image makes an incredibly powerful statement about your capability and credibility, which impacts your career and lifestyle.

A study called “Work Your Image: The Importance of Appearance on the Job”, reported that 76% of participants agreed that appearance affects whether one is taken seriously, asked to participate in meetings with upper management, or is well regarded by colleagues and supervisors. 64% believed appearance plays a significant role in raises and promotions.

  • Corporate Attire Presentations
  • Express Makeover
  • Hair & Make up Sessions
  • Pamper Day
  • Maternity Styling


Political Stylist

In today’s world politicians also require branding, in corporate life and personal life. They have international meetings, where they compete with global fashion trends! Not only this but some politicians have to meet ambassadors of different countries so they should be acutely aware of international cultures, traditions, greetings, dress code as per the occasion and meetings. There are also many red carpet events they are required to attend! Monarch Inc will ensure all of the above are taken care of for our members.