Would you like to be recognized & admired as a stylish, on trend public figure? Is your image holding you back? It takes less than a second to make a lasting first impression. Monarch Inc. can help ensure it’s an impressive one by offering a complete professional image coaching & styling service tailored to suit your unique requirements on any given day.

Your image is more than a reflection in the mirror or the lens; it represents who you truly are, and should express your most vibrant self.  Our entire program is customized to help you discover and live your personal style – which will become part of your brand. A style that is polished and reflects a healthy, confident sense of self. An individual style should encompass personality, lifestyle, performance, goals and physical characteristics. Style can be anything. It can be sophisticated, traditional, dramatic, romantic, alternative or sporty.

We service an exclusive clientele who require branding. Part of our service is to make sure our clients are buying fashion brands according to their personalities. Each brand has a vibe of its own suited to a particular personality type. Louis Vuitton is classic and traditional, Versace is dramatic, Chanel is sophisticated and elegant. Armani is sporty. You get the idea. This said, we pay homage to top South African designers like David Tlale, Cari Stephenson, Michelle Ludick, and Marianne Fassler ensuring that our clients retain their beautiful heritage within their image. With this in mind Monarch have formed alliances with several top fashion designers, and clothing & cosmetic brands.

Included in our membership is a personal styling service where we will ensure that you are on point for every special occasion. From flawless hair & makeup down to your fashion styling, we do this at your chosen venue, whether it be in the comfort of your own home or on location. As image coaching and branding specialists, we always ensure our clients are exquisitely presented, for any given event. We will brand your look from top to toe, ensuring every aspect of your image is styled to perfection.

It’s important to remember that your image is your brand. It is your most powerful marketing tool, a tool that many celebrities underutilize or don’t employ at all. Even worse are those who have gotten their branding completely wrong. We’ve all seen them. Do not make the mistake of turning up at an event badly styled… it can have disastrous consequences.

But that’s easier said than done right? Looking fabulous isn’t always a walk in the park and you have a calendar filled with commitments and invitation-only events to attend, some of them completely unplanned. Consider the time & effort put into preparing for event after event. Then consider how much your time is worth to you? Consider the frustration and time wasted searching for a seemingly unattainable outfit or trying to book a last-minute beauty appointment, when upmarket salons or personal stylists are usually booked out. As a public figure you’ll know that awful feeling when you receive a sudden, unmissable event invitation and you have no one on hand to style you. Our members will never experience that because whether they’ve booked us far in advance or just a day before the event, Monarch is on call.